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Electrify Your Symphony (EYS) is a music education phenomenon that FIRES UP students, teachers, and local communities by injecting a high voltage dose of energy and much-needed funding into a school’s music education program. This intensive experience boosts student self-esteem and motivation, increases school-wide, family and community engagement, and helps raise money for participating schools.

Created by international recording artist, electric violinist, and music education advocate Mark Wood, EYS accomplishes this by having our team of teaching artists work with orchestra, choir, and band students to put on real life, real world rock concerts at their schools, local theaters, or arenas; with ticket sales directly benefiting the participating music departments.

The Mark Wood Music Foundation is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) charitable organization that exists to empower, inspire and electrify promising student musicians for schools with underserved music education programs and student musicians in need of scholarship opportunities and vehicles for self-expression. Our goal is to give young people the opportunity to function at maximum creative capacity in all aspects of their lives. Doesn’t every kid deserve the chance to be a rock star?

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​MWROC shines a spotlight on your unique creativity and explores the limitless possibilities of what we can do with today’s technology to create magic, whether in person or online. At MWROC, you create a new network of lifelong friends and colleagues! MWROC is open to students, educators, hobbyists, and professionals alike; there is simply no other summer music gathering that compares to what we offer.