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electrify your band

inspires your brass, winds, and percussion students to incredible creative heights!

The groundbreaking methods developed by Mark Wood for strings apply just as well when incorporating brass, winds, and percussion; whether as part of an orchestra program or on its own. We have a large amount of material from which to choose that features our exclusive arrangements.

EYB programs are led by groundbreaking electric trombonist Dr. Javier Stuppard. Javier conducts EYB programs on his own or in conjunction with Mark Wood or any of our other Artist Mentors. Find our more about Javier on the Our Team page.

A typical EYB visit encompasses two full days of workshops and rehearsals, preparing for a high-energy, high-octane final concert on the evening of the second day (workshop-only experiences or extended residencies are also available – see Who Should Visit and Options and Length of Visits).    

Prior to our visit, we will provide you with enough material for a 60-90 minute concert featuring Javier, Mark, and/or other members of our team performing with your students.  We create a unique web page just for your event that contains audio files and sheet music for the selected songs. The material is provided to you with enough time for you to incorporate the material into your curriculum. The musical selections are surprising – and include Wood’s exclusive arrangements of classic rock and contemporary music, along with a sampling of his own powerful compositions.  Songs are selected based on the playing abilities of your students. 

In our 2-day program, Day 1 includes a full day of workshop/rehearsal time (4-5 hours).  The workshop/rehearsal portion focuses  on rehearsing the material we’ve provided to you, encouraging students to relate to the music as more than simply dots on the page, performance techniques, how to connect with the audience, and most importantly how to access their own creative potential.  

Day 2 reinforces all the concepts introduced on Day 1 during a dress rehearsal (2-3 hours) followed by an evening (or afternoon) concert.

Profits from tickets sold to the event directly benefit the school’s music programs. For schools that want to go all out, Wood and his team will also design an accompanying program for the school’s orchestra and choir department.


We will change students’ perception of what their instruments are capable of and enlighten them as to how they can access and express their creativity through them. By having students participate in real-life rehearsal and performance situations, we will help you create your very own Rock Symphony Orchestra.

With EYB, your entire community will be “electrified!”

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