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our program options

With in-person, online, and hybrid programs for Orchestra, Choir, and Band, EYS can be tailored to YOUR needs as an educator.

Below is a list of our most popular program options and

suggested length of visits.


1 Day
Workshop + Concert

This is a condensed version of our most popular program, the 2-day workshop plus concert. The focus of the day would shift to a more rehearsal-oriented approach in preparation for the evening concert but would still include instruction in the key components such as improvisation and performance techniques.


2 Day
Workshop + Concert

On day one, students will experience up to 5 hours of workshop/rehearsal time and be introduced to our enlightening methods of connecting with their creativity and self-expression. Day 2 includes a 3-hour dress rehearsal and an evening concert. Selling tickets is a great way to fund-raise for the event and raise money for your music program.

3-Day Extended Visit
The Ultimate Concert

Adding a 3rd day can allow our teaching artists to have more intensive workshop/rehearsal time with participating students, or give several 1-hour performance/ assemblies (see below) for other students in your school or district. The third day can also be devoted to composing, improvising, and utilizing cutting-edge technology.


EYS Online is here to stay, and is available as a complement to all in-person EYS visits. In the months leading up to our visit, we can beam into your classroom for workshops and rehearsals that will enhance your students' overall experience. 

During the pandemic, we have successfully been delivering an empowering online version of EYS, where young musicians and singers collaborate on creating their own energy-filled music videos. Small group rehearsals are enhanced with performance and movement workshops; all designed to get your kids owning their spotlight.


Learn all about Mark Wood’s new curriculum that made its debut at the prestigious Ohio State University, and how his methods will give you all the tools you’ll need to keep your students engaged and excited about their musical self-expression. Led by Mark, this workshop provides an essential element towards keeping your string program healthy and thriving.

Get the knowledge and enrichment you want for your students in this classroom-only (no performance) experience. Workshops/master classes focus on technology, improvisation, and composition. Duration of workshops are tailored to your needs and can be anywhere from 1 hour long, half day, or full day sessions. 


1 Week

Add a 2nd concert, and schedule our Artist Mentors for a variety of appearances around your school district and community. Appearances may include a “mini-tour” of local schools for performance/assemblies, lectures, workshops, and demonstrations. Having the extra time allows for media appearances to promote the final concert(s), and receptions for local sponsors and supporters of the event.

2 Week


Partner with other schools in your district and create a local tour itinerary for any or all of our teaching artists. They can do individual concerts at each school that can perhaps include a district-wide concert event on the final evening. Expand on the 1-week residency by scheduling a variety of promotional appearances around your school district and community. Refer to 1 week.

Symphony Orchestra

Do you have a youth orchestra and/or a professional symphony orchestra in your community? Partner with these orchestras and their Visiting Artist Programs and/or Pops Concert Series for great outreach opportunities as part of our "Rock Symphonies for a New Generation" program. Start our residency with visits to local schools to stimulate interest for concert events with local symphony orchestras at concert halls or theaters.


This inspiring event will surely “electrify” your students and administration alike with a powerful electric violin solo performance (with backing tracks). The presentation includes riveting discussions about the importance of expressing oneself through music and art, improvisational techniques, and much more, and will engage students of every level. A question and answer period follows. This is a perfect way to introduce your entire school to the benefits of bringing our Artist Mentors in to work with you and your students, and is sure to whet everyone’s appetite for more!

PLEASE NOTE: This program can only be booked if we are already visiting your school for a more in-depth program OR if you are located within reasonable driving distance from the location of any of our teaching artists. 

mark wood icon.png

This introductory experience, designed to work within any school budget. 

  • Mark will do a 90-minute master class and rehearsal with your orchestra students.

  • That same evening, Mark will present a solo multi-media concert at your school.

  • Students will join Mark onstage for ONE SONG at the concert.

  • Sell tickets to the show and all proceeds go to your school’s orchestra program.

If you’d like to be part of this new program and you decide to schedule a full-fledged 2-day EYS event the following year, we’ll even give you a 10% discount on that program.


Winter Holiday Show featuring Mark’s “Trans-Siberian Orchestra” holiday arrangements


To enhance the ongoing nature of this program and to truly create an ELECTRIC ORCHESTRA of your very own, our suggestion would be for your school to purchase an assortment of electric violins, violas, and/or cellos from Wood Violins, which offers special educator discounts. Our Stingray SVX series and our Concert acoustic/electrics are high quality, affordably priced options to get you started!

We have many authorized dealers throughout the US and Canada who can help you with this OR you may contact us directly for more details!

mark wood violins.png

"I love the tone of old, non-amplified, real acoustic fiddles, and Wood Violins are the closest thing I've found to that sound. They play beautifully!"

A musician should have no boundaries or limitations, whatever their voice, whatever their age, whatever their playing level. 


This is Mark Wood’s lifelong philosophy and is evident in both his playing style and Wood Violins, the revolutionary line of electric violins he invented that inspire players the world over to unparalleled creative heights. 


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